Edat: 37
Sobre: not actually a fourteenth-century manuscript.
Descripció: Information relevant to all residents of oulfis.space
Sobre: Please connect to this channel for very occasional updates about the space!

Icon image is "A woman riding an alligator in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 1931".
Descripció: Pangolin Armadillo
Sobre: Queer, trans, ace, kinky, angry.

Ve/him/ver/vers/verself or ve/them/ver/vers/verself.
They/their/theirs also accepted.  Do not use he/his/his.
You may see me use 'it' on myself at times.  That's not for you.  Don't.
Descripció: I am oulfis!
Pàgina Personal: https://oulfis.me